NEP 2020

NEP 2020

1. Implementation of NEP 2020 at VNSGU

  • Under the leadership of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. Kishorsinh Chavda, University has acted proactively upon the implementation of various provisions of NEP 2020. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor appointed Special Task Force on each aspects of Higher Education as mentioned in NEP 2020 and Core Committee to implement various provisions of NEP 2020. University has organised number of seminars / webinars / workshops for awareness of NEP 2020 amongst students and teachers. University has also nominated/deputed professor and officers to attend awareness programs on NEP organized by other Universities/agencies.

  • University organized series of meetings of Academic Council and Syndicate for approval of necessary provisions of NEP 2020. After approval of Academic and Syndicate, University organized the special meeting of the Senate with prior approval of Hon’ble Chancellor and Governor on 14th August 2021 to amend / approve / recommend various statutes / provisions in order to implement NEP 2020 and accordingly, the University has amended the concern Statutes of the university after following due procedure.

  • With the introduction of NEP, the University has implemented multi-level entry and exit policy, credit transfer policy, on demand exam, multi-level and dual / simultaneously degree certification, double entry system (winter session) and introduced number of multi-disciplinary and skill based and IKS certificate and diploma programs and Four Years Honour Programs. The university has setup VNSGU Incubation Centre under Section 8 of Companies Act and has made budgetary provision of Rs. 2.5 Cr. to promote research, innovation and start-up activities and granted various projects.

  • > Progress made by VNSGU under NEP 2020
  2. Faculty-wise Basket of Major, Minor, Multidisciplinary, Ability Enhancement, Skill Enhancement, and Value-Added Courses

University has adopted the Curriculum and Credit Framework for Undergraduate Programs (CCF-UG) issued by the UGC and Government of Gujarat which provides structure with four-year Under-graduation program with choice of Multi-level exit option.

University has implemented the Four Year Honours Programme in all faculties (except where apex bodies programs) from the academic year 2023-24.

> Basket Of AEC/SEC/VAC

> Discipline-wise basket of Major, Minor, Multidisciplinary, AEC, SEC and VAC (Credit Structure with subjects of UG Programs as per Government GR dtd. 11-07-2023)

  3. Registration of students in Academic Bank of Credits (ABC)

  • University has setup National Academic Depository and Academic Bank of Credit Cell as per guidelines of UGC and State Government in order to active implementation of ABC at University.

  • University has made registration on ABC and implemented a system to link ABC ID in University ERP System.

  • University has made a mandatory provision for students to register on ABC before fill-in the examination form. The University is printing ABC ID on hall ticket of the students.

  • 1,86,804 students of the University has already made the registration on ABC till 12th September 2023 and VNSGU is one of the leading university in the registration of ABC across the country.

  • The University has also made a transfer policy for students under which students can be transferred from one college to another of this university based on their choice and merit.

  • Based on requirement of program credits, the student can enter at various stages (even at semester level instead of year-end) based on the credits transfer earned by the student.

  • In view of implementation of Dual Degree/Simultaneous Dual Degree guidelines of UGC and easiness of student's transfer from one university to another university, the University has discontinued the issuance of Transfer Certificate and changed the process of issuance of Final Eligibility Certificate.

  • > National Academic Depository (NAD) Cell  and Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) Cell
  4. Redesign of course curriculum in aligned with defined credits

  5. Indian Knowledge System (IKS)

  • To promote Indian Knowledge System, the University has established Center for Hindu Studies as a Center of Indian Knowledge System and offers M.A. Hindu Studies from Academic Year 2022-23 and Sanskrit Sambhasan Certificate Course from Academic Year 2023-24.

  • University has been integrating Indian knowledge system with the curricula of different subjects. The University has renamed the name of Indian Knowledge System as Bharatiya Knowledge System.

  • University has implemented the guidelines of UGC for Training/Orientation of Faculty on Indian Knowledge System and conducted one orientation program on 2nd August 2023 and one day workshop on 22nd August 2023 for the faculty of university and affiliated colleges.

  • University has introduced various Certificate Programs in Vedic Mathematics, Basics of Astrology, Life Skills Education, Foundation Course on Yoga, Yog Garba, Ancient Yogic Science and Techniques, Yoga Science, Certificate Program in Sanskrit Grammar, Vaastu Fundamentals, Indic Knowledge Traditions, Srimad Bhagwad Gita and Stress Management in Life, Essentials of Hindu Dharma, Hindu Dharma and Practices, Hindu Principles, Indic Manuscriptology, Indic Paleography, Indic Philosophy, Indic Education System etc.

  • University offers M.A. Sanskrit and M.A. Hindi programs on Self Finance bases and charges the fees as per the program of Grant in Aid.

  • University has amended Statute 219 and included the Department of Sanskrit and Hindi as statutory departments.

  • University has made the सरस्वती एवं गणपति वंदना, अग्निहोत्र, तैत्तिरीय उपनिषद् शिक्षावल्ली आचार्य उपदेश, वैदिक राष्ट्रगान as an integral part of the convocation in order to promote Indian ancient cultural tradition.

  • University has made mandatory provision that the student has to learn Bharatiya Knowledge System – An Introduction course during 1st semester in all undergraduate programs (except apex bodies programs).

  • > Curriculum of Bharatiya Knowledge System – An Introduction

  • > Other Courses under Indian Knowledge System
  6. New multidisciplinary courses

University has introduced B.Com. Data Science, B.Com. Professional, and UG programs in Defence and National Security Studies, Cyber Security & Data Protection, Applied Artificial Intelligence and Semi-Conductors, Sensors and Application in IoT are under consideration.
  7. VNSGU Institutional Development Plan (IDP)

University has prepared the Institutional Development Plan as per guidelines of UGC & KCG in order to implement the NEP 2020 and submitted to KCG.

> Institutional Development Plan of VNSGU.